praise of our monthly nights

If you want your poetry nights to have the hushed and genteel air of a village library, you better give Loud Poets a wide berth [...] Loud by name, and louder by nature, the Loud Poets strive to create environments that permit a healthy degree of reaction from their audience, turning up their own volume to encourage their guests to do the same.
— Bare Fiction
If you haven’t heard of The Loud Poets you’ve got to check them out. They’re a collection of incredible artists. [...] they’re such an inspiring and welcoming collective - and they put together incredible events. I could talk for hours about each and every one of them and how talented they all are.
— Mark Grist, Poet Laureate of Peterborough in 2008 and the Edinburgh Fringe Slam Champion 2010.
Their voices were harmonious and their compositions synchronized; I was enthralled by their performance. The show, 50 minutes long, saw the two poets recounting original poems about social and parental issues, memories, past loves & children, while taking off their ‘social clothes’ to stand naked in front of a bunch of strangers. If one imagines a poetry show to be just about love poems, as YouTube has taught us, this was not the case. Katie and Kevin succeeded in capturing the attention of the entire audience, which ranged from teenagers to couples in their sixties.
— The Tribe
Edinburgh is dripping with literary history, and it’s easy to lose a day perusing the musty wares of the West Port’s many secondhand bookshops or get a high-octane hit from the city’s best wordsmiths. In addition to events at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, there are spoken word nights all over the city. Loud Poets, Rally & Broad ( and Neu! Reekie! offer noisy slam poetry, eclectic cabaret and unforgettable evenings – all at bargain prices.
— The Guardian
Striking comic books are often stitched together using bright, vivid characters between multi-coloured pages which are filled with untamed slapstick from start to finish. These stories are crammed into fairly short magazines whereby one-liners and plots appear inside speech-bubbles materialising from character’s mouths, filling hearts with glee as, on a weekly or monthly basis, each personality’s little idiosyncrasies proceed to leave their own animated impression on us, the readers. And herein lies the successful formula which Edinburgh’s Loud Poets collective abide by.
— Stephen Watt, author of "Spit".


PRaise from further afield

I found myself engaged by what I was hearing. Not only that, but also motivated to give it a go myself. That’s something I can very rarely say when I hear poetry, as often I’m overwhelmed by inaccessible language or self-indulgent fart-arsery. (A man of language, me?) None of that could be said for Loud Poets.
— Fringe Review


PRAISE FROM our 2016 Fringe show

★★★★ - Broadway Baby
★★★★ - TV Bomb
These people are sensational performers, engaging effortlessly with the crowd in a down-to-earth manner that puts everybody at ease [...] they are outspoken, human, and skillful. This is an act not to be missed.
— Broadway Baby
The Loud Poets are quite possibly the most reliably entertaining spoken word show at the Fringe [...] when you roll up to a Loud Poets event, you can rest assured that you’re in for something of quality.
— TVBomb



★★★★ - The Scotsman

★★★★ - Broadway Baby

★★★★ - TV Bomb

★★★★½ - The Student

★★★★½ - Edinburgh Student Arts Review
Throughout there’s a humour; poignancy and most of all a confidence which serves to inspire.
— The Scotsman
...a slick, no-nonsense conveyor belt of spoken word characterised by tightly crafted poetry and high-quality performance.
— Broadway Baby
...the Loud Poets Fringe show is definitely pure entertainment and is probably the best performance poetry show on the Fringe.
— TV Bomb
Loud Poets is sure to inspire, dazzle and provoke-thought.
— Edinburgh Student Arts Festival


PRaise of our 2014 fringe show

★★★★★ - Love Fringe

★★★★★ - NineMoreThanNone

★★★★★ - TV Bomb

★★★★ - Edinburgh Spotlight
High-octane, high-volume: hijacks attention and slams boredom.
— NineMoreThanNone
The most talented and engaging poetry collective to grace the Fringe in a long time.
— TVBomb
These poets are speaking from the heart with a passion that causes the atmosphere to vibrate.
— Edinburgh Spotlight
A smorgasbord of lyrical enjoyment, laughter, arresting performances and, above all, talent.
— Lunar Poetry Monthly


audience reactions to the 2014 fringe show

“A masterclass in the power of words.”

“First ever poetry related event of my life tonight and Loud Poets have turned it into a passion.”

”I’ve been to many poetry nights, and this has pushed every boundary.”